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Thank you for visiting Headon and Considine’s Market.  We are glad you found us!  New this year is our Online Ordering system powered by Imenu360.  If you’re a lifelong Headon’s customer or just someone looking to give us a try we think our Online Ordering option will be great for you.  We are a custom meat market with many different cuts of meat and flavors and of course everyone has their personal favorites.  Headon and Considine’s Market is a state of the art, one of a kind Mobile Meat Market that takes the same experience our customers have come to expect when visiting the store in Creston to a location near you.  We have 18ft of meat display space along with our standup refrigeration and storage.  Even though we have taken every step possible to utilize every square inch of the Mobile Market there is no way we can carry all the great choices that Headon’s has to offer.  This is where the Online Ordering becomes so valuable.  Our customers now have the ability to navigate our menu and choose exactly what they want by simply clicking the “Order Online” button located on our home page of our website or on our facebook page   Online Ordering will also ensure you get exactly what you want in a timely fashion.  You simply show up to the Mobile Market, give us your name, and we hand you your order.

The first thing you need to know about ordering online is that you must place your order 24 hours in advance of the next day’s start of business (11 am).  For example, if you want to order for our stop in Sterling on Thursdays you would need to have your order in the system by no later than 11 am on Wednesday.  We recommend not waiting until the last minute.  Placing your order days or even weeks in advance is very helpful to us.

Now that you understand when you can order lets go over how to place an order.  Again, you can find our “Order Online” buttons on our websites home page or on our Headon and Considine’s Market Facebook page.  Once you click the “Order Online” button you will be taken to our locations page.  This page has our 4 locations listed along with the address of each location.  Click the “Order Online” button for the location you would like to pick up your food.  It is stated in many places, but, in case you missed it we’re in Dixon on Wednesdays, Sterling on Thursdays, Byron on Fridays and starting May 3rd, we will be in Aurora on Saturdays.

After choosing your location you want to order from by clicking the “Order Online” button for that location a notice will pop up that will let you know that we are “closed today for that location but you can place future orders”.  We can’t stop this notice from occurring even though we would like to but again remember our online ordering system is for future orders (24 hour notice) only.  This popup notice just reminds you of this. Simply click “OK” and it will let you into our system.

Now that you’re into the system you can navigate our menu.  We spent a lot of time coming up with descriptions of all our items that not only explain the food but also explains how to order it.  Some items are priced per pound, some are priced “each” and other items are priced off a simple math formula based on the lowest price for that item.  Don’t worry it’s not complicated for the customer.  Just make sure to read each description and it will be real clear exactly what you are choosing.

As you starting ordering your food all your choices will be sent to your cart.  You will notice when you select an item you want to order that there is a “special instructions” box at the bottom.  Use this box to give us certain packaging requests you might have or anything else you would like us to do with your order.  We also receive your phone number when you place your order.  If we have any questions we will be sure to give you a call to make sure we are all on the same page.

When you are done placing your order simply click the “Checkout” button.  You will be asked to sign-in.  If you’re an existing Facebook user, you can simply login with your Facebook login info.  If you’re not on Facebook or would prefer to login as a new user simply sign up by placing your name, email, and password in the designated areas.  Please select the box to sign up for our email blasts that we will use to send coupons, specials and other important info pertaining to Headon and Considine’s Market.  We will keep your info to ourselves and would never share our customer’s info with anyone.

Once you are signed in, check your cart one last time to make sure everything you wanted is there.  Next choose “Pickup” as your order type.  It will be your only option.  Next click the schedule box and you will see the dates pop up that you can choose for your order.  These dates will be when you will be picking up your order for the location you  have chosen.  It also gives you the option to choose the time you will pick up your order.  This isn’t important so don’t worry if you’re not sure what time you will be there to get it.  We will have your order ready at 11 am when we open up the Mobile Market windows.  Stop by anytime between 11-5pm to pick up your food.   Also make sure the phone number that is listed is your correct number.  If we need to contact you this will be the number we will be calling.

Now you need to choose how you would like to pay for your food.  You can pay by credit card online, pay by credit card at pickup or pay by cash at pickup.  Paying by credit card online is very secure and easy.  It will also allow you to get your food and get on your way much quicker when picking up your order.  There’s one last “Special Instructions” box you will see at the bottom of your checkout page.  Again, if you have any special instructions for us just let us know in this box.

When everything looks good click the “review and submit” button.  It will take you to one last page where you get a final chance to review everything you ordered and all the pickup details you choose.  If everything looks good click the “submit” button.  You will get a confirmation that will state all your details.  Our mobile market phone number will be there in case you have any questions.

I just gave you a ton of info.  Our online ordering system is really very simple.  We hope you find it beneficial.  Please provide us with any feedback about your experience you have.  We are always looking for ways to improve.




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